DIY Wedding Flowers

When it comes to diy flowers brides are looking for something that will make their wedding a unique celebration.

Bess Wyrick; owner and artistic director of Celadon and Celery Events has outlined a great way to set yourself apart from the rest, but still remain on a budget: use different vases, containers, etc. – not everything has to be uniform. Receptions are also being influenced by this trend.

Brides are now enjoying the option of varying the centerpieces at the reception venues. Sometimes we will have a variety of containers.

Maybe all different copper vessels, maybe antique glass filled with similar combinations of flowers. Design styles even change from table to table, but the combination of diy wedding flowers unifies the whole event.

diy wedding flowers

DIY Steps.

1. Choose an interesting vase that has an interesting shape. Look around the house it does not have to be a designated vase it can be anything that can hold water. Anything with vibrant colors or a cool design are also great to use.

2. For this arrangement, we did not mix colors of the flowers much we stuck to the monochromatic rule. If you want to use a few flowers in the arrangement, do it but stay in the same tone to create an impact.

diy wedding flowers

Here we used purple clematis as our base and accented with purple anemones. We allowed the flowers to speak for themselves without being too concerned about the design of the flowers. Make sure your flowers are at least 1.5 times the height of the vase and that you cut the flowers at an angle.

3. Clean the flowers by removing extra leaves. If you want a fuller look leave the leaves toward the head on the stem.

4. Add water, make sure you use luke warm water.

5. Place stronger flowers in vase first. Do so by crisscrossing all the stems to create a natural grid. In this case the clematis is the fuller and stronger so place first.

6. Then accent any "holes" with the purple anemone. Make sure to group the flowers (3 or more) for a more polished presentation. Turn the vase 360 to make sure you have an arrangement that is gorgeous from all angles.

7. Place your arrangement in a light filled room with neutral tones so your creation now becomes the "ART" of the room!

Bess was nominated by BizBash this year as one of “New York’s Event Designers of the Year.”

She also designs homes, is a collector of all things vintage, a furniture lover, and has a keen eye for fabrics. In addition, she also has become Perez Hilton, Iman, Katy Perry, and Graydon Carters favorite florist this past year and does event and wedding design and production all over the country.

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