Daisy Wedding Theme

You may be wondering why you should choose a daisy wedding theme. Originally from Europe, they represent stability, cheerfulness and innocence.

In medieval times women will wear them to signify availability, and a suitor will present them with this flower to show their interest.

At weddings, ladies accessorized with a chain of daisies as a headband worn around their heads.

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The most popular is the white daisy, but this flower comes in many different colors. You can center your wedding theme on the white daisy alone, or mix and match colors and types.

The gerbera daisy is bigger than the regular daisy and can be found in shocking, vibrant colors such as purple, bright orange, peach and magenta.

These are one of the most affordable bridal flowers, whether you want to go with fresh or plastic ones.

They are great for flower arrangements and you will find all types of accessories and items for your wedding day for this particular theme.

Some ideas...

You can decorate almost endlessly with this flower! Set the tables with a daisy centerpiece, whether it is potted or in a vase. If you prefer, you could tie a silk ribbon around the vase.

For a very classy and delicate look, you can place the flower heads floating in a flat glass bowl as if they were floating candles. Tie a silk ribbon around the chairs and place a daisy chain at the bow as a detail.

Decorate your wedding cake with them; believe me, they look wonderful. Just make sure that the cake is finished shortly before the wedding if you go with fresh flowers against the sugar ones.

Personalize your champagne glasses not only with your name and dates but also with a daisy design.

Dressing the part

Clearly you need to find a way to incorporate the flower on your attire.
You can have them embroidered on your wedding gown if you want to match your wedding bouquet or buy a dress with daisies on the design.

You could also accessorize your hair whether with fresh flowers, or a floral tiara. Just be creative about it; these flowers offer many possibilities.

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The Wedding Favors

There are hundreds of favors to choose for a daisy wedding theme . (click on the pictures for product information and pricing)

Personalized Candy Pillow Packs - Daisy Gerber Daisy Terra Cotta Place Card Holder (Set of 4)

While you can have daisy shaped cookies for and edible favor, there are also ready made solutions like the ones pictured here. Daisy themed favor boxes or pillow packs,and even place card holders that after your event will become photo holders are great favor options.

If you want to go green, you could give your guest a favor pack of daisy seeds or potted daisies. Just have fun with it!

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