Daisy Theme Wedding Reception

Bright and Colorful Celebration Romance!

A daisy theme wedding reception is one of those wedding themes that win for their simplicity.
If you are looking for a beautiful yet simple way to decorate your reception hall, having a  flower wedding theme could be the answer to your prayers.

Among hundreds of flowers, daisies are always clear winners for brides.

If you are asking yourself why, there are really many answers to your question.

Let’s see how to create a beautiful daisy theme wedding reception together.

Daisies have this great ‘back to nature’ appeal.
They also have a lot of wedding history behind them, as they were the preferred flower in ancient Greek and medieval weddings.

Although many people think of the white and yellow daisy, these pretty flowers come in a wide array of colors.
Oranges and reds are among the brighter options. And they also come in many sizes, which make them easy to combine to create different looks.

daisy theme wedding reception, daisy bouquets

A Daisy theme wedding reception look

You can wear any type of dress for this theme.
The important thing is how you are going to accessorize to fit with it.

There's no doubt in my mind that you are going to have a daisy bouquet.

But if you want to add some glitz and glam to your look, you should wear a daisy tiara

And what about your bridesmaids? A beautiful yellow short square neckline bridesmaid dress will be perfect if you decided to go with yellow as one of your main colors.

But if you chose a darker color, make sure to have their bouquets ‘pop’ with bold color daisies.

Setting up for your ceremony should be quite easy. Once you decided on your colors, set up the tables in a simple yet elegant manner. You can  get inspired on this winery wedding theme.

Use table linens in white, yellow or even red if you want to create a summery look.

Your centerpiece will include the flower for obvious reasons.

How tall or short your arrangement will be can really have an effect on the overall look of the venue, so choose wisely.

Lower centerpieces can be surrounded with tea lights for a more romantic effect.
If you are having an informal daisy theme wedding reception, set up an original centerpiece by using some
Daisy Lollipops.

All you need is your preferred vase or bowl and some florist foam.
Insert the foam inside the container, stick the lollipops in it and cover with some stones or even green jelly beans. You will have a very fun, creative and edible (for the most part) centerpiece.

Another way to give your hall a unique look is to use table linens in different colors for your different tables. This works very well for informal summer or spring celebrations, so if your event takes place in any of these seasons, this tip may be handy for you.

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