Curly Wedding Hairstyles

Curly Wedding Hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are fun to create.

Brides who take advantage of the natural curls that they style every day can transform their locks into timeless bridal wedding hair with the help of some accessories.

For those brides who decide to have an updo, it is always good to remember that is best not to have your hair washed on your wedding day. By washing it the day before, the natural oils in your hair will help your updo not come undone.

Elegant Vintage Inspired Comb

You can style your tresses in an elegant updo and spice it up with rhinestone and pearl bridal hairpins. The pins will sparkle up your precious do and give you a romantic look as well.

curly wedding hairstyles, gardenia hair pin

Wearing big flowers on your hair is another way to impress and dress up your mane. Long curly hair can be worn down creating a romantic look.

Remember to style your luscious with anti frizz products, especially if your event takes place outdoors or in humid weather.

curly wedding hairstyles, southern belle wedding hair

You want to look picture perfect at all times during the duration of your ceremony and party.

If you are having a southern belle wedding theme, this hair look is ideal.

A fake gardenia flower can help you achieve this softer look without the worries of the flower withering during your ceremony.

Note that your jewelry and make up will also play a main role along the hair accessories. See how this bride can have a more nightly look with big chandelier ear rings and a leave-less gardenia.

Play along with your options before the wedding day to make sure that you have found the perfect style and accessories for you!

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