Cupcake Wedding Cakes

 See the coolest wedding cupcakes here and get inspired

Cupcake Wedding Cakes
cupcake wedding cakes orange, orange cupcakes, original wedding cake

Brides all over the world are embracing this trend. And why not? They are fun, beautiful and delicious.

Your cake can become the focal point and most talked about item of your celebration. Why would you have a classy tiered cake, when you can have one of the most original wedding cakes by selecting a fun option?
If you are a creative bride I am sure you will go with this option. These yummy pieces can be decorated to fit any theme wedding.

It can get more personalized than this; from the design, the flavors, the colors, they are truly unique.
Do you want proof? Take a look at the gorgeous examples below and get inspired!

cupcake wedding cakes orange, orange cupcakes, original wedding cake

Are you into a classy and elegant cupcake tower? The two designs above could be perfect for you.
The contrast of colors and fabulous display make them hard to resist!

But maybe you are having a beach theme wedding...
Look at these beach theme-inspired designs. They are so pretty, I love the cookie crumbles on them to make them look like they have sand all over them!

Cupcake wedding cake beach theme, beach cupcakes, starfish cupcake picture

If you are  a Disney lover or aficionado the next design is perfect for your celebration. the blue theme with a MInnie and Mickey topper matches  your whimsical theme ideally.

Disney theme cupcakes, wedding cupcakes mickey, blue wedding cupcakes

If red roses are your thing, here are two exclusive designs.

One for the chocolate lover and a more colorful flower-friendly display. Remember that featuring cupcakes as the main dessert for your celebration has the advantage of no messy cake cutting, as they are already individual serving size.

That is one of the reasons why they usually also have a mini cake in hte same theme so you can do all the traditional cake cutting pictures.

Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate red roses cupcake
cupcake weddig cakes, red roses cupcakes, original wedding cakes
All of these designs are the marvelous work of Yummy Piece of Cake.

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