Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake
Learn How to Decorate One

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A cupcake tiered wedding cake can become a true work of art that will wow your guests. Cupcake wedding cakes come in thousands of colors, flavors and designs.


But the way you present them to your guests can make a visual impact that not many will be able to forget.

The pros from Yummy Piece of Cake have a very special way to display their sweet concoctions.

cupcake tiered wedding cake, decorating a cake stand, cupcake tower set up

Using fresh flowers they adorn every tier for a stunning look. The trick to keep the flowers fresh is to use florist foam. This way the flowers will look as fresh as when they arrived at your door, and the cake stand can be prepared in advance.

cupcake tiered wedding cake, decorating a cake stand, cupcake tower set up

If you are a DIY bride who would like to recreate this look, take into account that you will also have to place some water resistant paper, such as wax paper to prevent the water in the floral foam from leaking and ruining your cupcakes.

While you can see in the pictures that for this cupcake tiered wedding cake an under layer was created underneath each tier to support the florist foam, this requires experience and skill.

You can practice to achieve the look, but it may be better for you to take a different and easier approach to recreate these wonderful wedding ideas.

cupcake tiered wedding cake

Photos Courtesy of Yummy Piece of Cake

Place the florist foam on top of the tier, decorate it with the flowers and them place on top a layer of wax paper or even cardboard cut to fit on top of it, wrapped in foil to not absorb the water. Then place the cupcakes on top of them, just like in the picture above.

You can see the difference in the gap in the height between the tiers, as the base tier doesn’t have the decorations, but the first one does. Keep in mind that it will be easier for you to purchase the floral foam in bricks or blocks that you can size and cut to fit your stand.

Hope that you have fun with this nifty project and create a wonderful cupcake tiered wedding cake!

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