Crossing Paths Wedding

by Aja

My fiancé and I are both from Michigan. But coincidentally we met down in North Carolina.

Not having known each other at all when we lived in Michigan, we realized that we grew up only about an hour apart, and had probably crossed paths many times in our lives.

We want to incorporate this somehow in our wedding and I can't figure out how. I would love some suggestions! Thanks

Dear bride;

What an amazing story!

First you need to think if you want to make this, your story the wedding theme, or if you just want to incorporate as part of the reception through a game, decorations, storyboard, etc.

If you decide to make it your wedding theme, you could have a written in the stars theme, or it was destiny theme.
You can name your tables with places you both visited as kids even though you didn’t know each other or name your tables after your childhood home street or school, etc.

If you are good with text software, a fun and creative idea is to make your own wedding programs as a story board with a couple of pictures telling your story.

Another way to incorporate this concept is by featuring a slide show at your venue with pictures of you and your fiancé as kids first, growing up, moving, etc. Tell your story leading to the moment where you actually met and realize that you were meant for each other all along.

Some other couples distribute cards at their guests table with trivia questions about each other, and then they can be display or read for everybody’s amusement and amazement along with your own answers to see how many people really knows your story and how well they know it.

The whole idea is to really include your guests in the story for something that you all will remember for life.

And you can try to give it your own twist. For example, some brides love collecting china, so they buy white plates and place them at a table with permanent markers. They act as an original guest wedding book, in your case, not only you can ask your guest to draw something for you, but maybe place some quote or anecdote that somehow led to both of you meeting in NC.

You can also highlight differences between you two, like you love reading but he loves watching tv, and close the slide show, storyboard, etc with a quote on how life had a plan to get you together no matter how far apart you seemed to be. This approach is chosen for couples that are at ease with making fun of each other and their differences.

Hope these ideas get your creativity going and contact us again if we can be of any more help. Please come back and share your ideas to inspire other brides, and let us know how it went!

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