Creative idea for wedding invites
Rose Theme

by Victoria

I’m trying to find a creative wedding idea. Not the usual printed invites. Something creative and totally different that nobody will expect.
The theme for the wedding is mainly centered around roses. Still deciding on a location though.
Can you help me?

Beautiful theme

Dear Victoria :

Roses and weddings almost go hand in hand!

If you are looking for a creative wedding invite, you are going to have to work a little harder, or differently than other brides. Original invitations, not the traditional paper kind, always surround your theme or your location.

With that being said you are going to have to take the rose theme to your invitation as well.

Many couples decide to go with the unconventional invitation including the item in a box with the invitation. So you could add a rose inside a wooden box as you invitation. Another idea is to send the box with rose petals instead of the flower and a note announcing your wedding.

As for original boxes... you could use rose boxes, the type where florist put roses to be sold, you can buy them by the hundred, but they are quite big if you are going to be shipping them.
That's why small wooden boxes seem to be a better option.
They are delicate, have almost a vintage look and they are not expensive at all, you can get them in any arts and craft store.

Another option is to use the “message in a bottle” format, but instead of filling the bottle with sand and/ or shells, include rose petals in it.
Once again, you can get the plastic bottles in any arts and craft store.

If you are going to ship your invitations, you may want to consider silk petals instead of the real thing, as this won't intervene with shipping regulations.
You can spray them with rose scent or perfume for a refreshing surprise when your guests receive them.

Hope that helped and/or triggered some ideas of your own.
Please come back and let us know how it went and submit pictures!


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