A Country Western Wedding Theme

Throw an amazing Wild Wild West Celebration 

A Country Western Wedding Theme.

The Wild Wild West as part of your wedding theme? Do you want a unique, unconventional reception full of fun but a wedding that is still elegant?

If your answer is yes, just keep on reading.
Let's get this party started!

Setting the Scene

This theme works perfect no matter what time of the day your celebration will be, or if it is outdoors or indoors.
You will be working with black, white and browns. You could add a touch of red and/or green here and there to create some contrast.

A country western wedding theme is as unique as you want it to be.  A good start is a non-traditional invitation,  maybe one you can make on your own using a template like this western wedding invitation.

If DIY is not your thing, here are some options for amazing invites with a country feeling for your day.

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Fun table settings

Watering can favor and table setting. Get wedidng ideas at Creative-theme-wedding-ideas.com

Mini watering cans

You have plenty of options to set up your tables. From checker red linen, to yellow or plain linen the options are endless.

Watering cans, mini hats, sunflowers, antlers and other elements can bring that rustic western vibe to your celebration. Use them wisely and you will create a wonderful display that represent you.

Antler table placecard holders. Plan the wedding you want at creative-theme-wedding-ideas,com

Antle Placecard Holders

The fun DIY Project

If you are computer savvy, create two WANTED posters; one with your picture and another one with your grooms. Use aged parchment paper and do the following.

Just center the word WANTED in red font in any text editor, add your picture, editing the picture first to be black and white and add a funny legend below.

For Example:

The groom's picture here
For stealing (the bride's name) heart


The bride's picture here
For robbing young gals the possibility to date (the groom's name).

Just have a funny legend that will describe both of you and personalize your wedding.

Print this poster in sepia paper and use to decorate your venue or tables.

country western wedding theme, western bar, grooms bar

Western Centerpiece

I had so many ideas for this theme centerpiece that I had to place them in a separate page.
You can see them all here.
Just go ahead take a pick and select your favorite.

Western fashion

What kind of dress should you wear for a country western wedding theme?
First thing that comes to mind is a long sleeved, long skirt dress with lots of lace.

And foot wear? Well, some boots will do the trick.

Have a wild flower bouquet, preferably made only with white flowers.

Your groom could complement this look by wearing a red western tie and a black cowboy hat.

Remember these are just ideas if you want to go all the way with the theme.
If this is not your style or is going to make you feel uncomfortable, wear what you like, and leave the country western wedding theme reserved to the decorations only.

Your Wedding Cake

Have your cake decorated western style!

Ask for it to have a boots design, spurs, or to be decorated with wild flowers.

To create a more romantic vintage look, instead of a cake topper use a pair of animal toppers. Birds, deers and others could help you bring the theme alive.

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