Composite Bouquet

Composite Bouquet

This type of bouquet is ideal for brides that want a creative style that will photograph perfectly and create memories for years to come.

Also known as a glamelia, and traditionally created with roses and/or gladioli petals, this bouquet creates the illusion of a supersized single flower. 

Popular in the 20th century, especially in the 1940’s and 50’s the composite bouquet is making a glorious return to the bridal scene.

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How Fantasy Flower Wedding Bouquets Are Made

Traditionally these bouquets were made for ladies attending High socialite galas and events. A true labor of love and patience, in order to put one together beautiful flowers were chosen and the petals will be separated from the stem.

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Once the best petals were selected, the florist will wire them at the base of the petal one by one, as of creating a single stem per petal. Afterwards all of them will be combined in layers with a flower in the center to create the illusion of a single giant one.

Modern Glamelias

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Nowadays many florists have come up with an easier and practical solution to put composite bouquets together.

Instead of the wiring technique, most professionals will use florist glue and create a fake base to place and support the single petals on.

The main flower is inserted in the middle to complete the creation.

Other names

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The most popular name for this type of creations other than composite bouquets is glamelia. However they are referred to as rose duchesse, duchess rose, fantasy flower, Carmen Lily and/or Malmaison Rose.

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