A Cinderella Wedding Cake

Cinderella Wedding Cake

A wedding cake should bring the fairytale to life with its design. They are enchanting and romantic, some with a funnier tone than others, but all of them breathtaking.

So let’s take a look at these Cinderella cakes together.
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Your Fairytale Story

cinderella wedding cake, castle wedding cake

If you want to capture the fantasy of the fairytale, this design is for you...

A light blue cake shows a castle with a bride and groom on top for a 3-D effect.

The Castle Cake

cinderella wedding cake, castle wedding cake

I think castle-shaped cakes are like small works of art.
Just look at this design, it is beautiful!

The Tiered Cake

cinderella wedding cake, castle wedding cake

This is a more traditional version of the wedding cake that you can use at any Cinderella wedding theme.

This white tiered cake features a carriage heading to a fairytale castle on top.
Very creative!

All the cake pictures in this page are courtesy of ? 2008 Wilton Industries, Inc.

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