Cinderella Carriage Centerpiece

Cinderella Carriage Centerpiece

Ever since you were a child you have dreamed of a fairytale wedding with fantasies that Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet. The best way to celebrate that ever-special day is with a fairytale wedding and with Cinderella carriage centerpieces.

Having a fairytale wedding doesn’t have to bust your already tight budget. You can still have your fairytale wedding theme and that is what this article is all about; to help you make your dream come true.

Our silver Cinderella carriage is the best choice for your wedding table centerpiece.  You can create a small castle village on your guests’ tables. Ask your bridesmaids and relatives to help you make a do-it-yourself castle, complete it with the castle decors, and place the carriage in front of the castle’s door.

Glue some silver glitter on the castle’s towers so when the candle is lit, your guests will have one magical village in front of them.

For your wedding aisle, instead of flower petals, you can use a crafter’s punch to create smaller petals in a color of your choice, and glue on some glitter.

cinderella carriage centerpiece, fairytale centerpiece

Spread a red carpet to the altar, sprinkle it with the crafted petals, and line votive candles all the way to the altar. This will light your path with sparkling petals. Imagine walking down the aisle feeling like a princess!

For your location, you can use the usual reception hall, but have it decorated emphasizing your wedding theme. For the final touch, have a wishing well placed at the entrance door of the hall, decorate it with ribbons, crafted petals, colored twigs and attach some glittered birds.

Every guest coming in can drop their sentiments in the well, and these will become your treasured keepsakes. The well in the entrance hall will also give your guests an idea of what to expect inside.

Royalty and romance; that is what your wedding will have!

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