Christmas Wedding Gowns

Christmas Wedding Gowns

Christmas wedding dresses come in many styles and colors.

Every bride has their vision of what their wedding dress should be, but when choosing the perfect dress for your day there are some things you truly have to take into consideration.

The fabric, style, and color all come together to create the dream gown you have always wanted.

Let’s see some tips to help you define your search.

 It’s Snowing Outside

Or is it?
Let’s agree that temperature is a factor that not all brides consider when choosing their dress.

You are browsing online, looking at magazines or visiting a bridal shop when you see it.
The perfect Christmas wedding gowns are just there waiting for you.

But are they as perfect as they seem?
Wearing a short, corset style taffeta wedding dress may be okay for a Christmas wedding in Florida, or one that is held strictly indoors with you getting changed into this gown at the venue.

But if you live in New York and it’s snowing, or you have to travel to your reception hall, I would give it a second thought.
So take into account the temperature at your location when choosing your gown. You want to be glowing, not freezing!

Keeping warm

In the case that you need to take a drive to your venue or outdoors for wedding pictures, take some things into consideration.

Wear a jacket or bolero; they make great focal points for pictures and you can even play with it while posing outdoors.

Long cozy gloves are a beautiful accessory that not many brides take advantage of. They give an elegant and sophisticated look while keeping you warm.

Here comes the bride…

White is the color of choice by countless brides.
But if you are having a Christmas wedding theme, you may want to go with the unconventional red wedding dress. It is a bold color only for the daring, but it is absolutely suitable for the occasion.

Other ways to add the Christmas spirit to your gown without going to such an extreme color?
Choose a white or cream dress with sparkly embroidery or appliques.

Crystal beaded dresses are also a great option.
You could also wear a pair of glittery wedding shoes.

They bring the Christmas ornament element to your look and are fun to wear.

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