Christmas Ornaments Wedding

An Original Theme

A Christmas ornaments wedding is a fun and unique approach to the Christmas themed wedding.

Depending on your personality and ideas, this theme is truly customizable. Want a sophisticated ornament theme? Maybe a Christmas theme, but with a fairytale twist?

What about a magical or floral-focused ornament theme? Options are truly endless if you make the Christmas ornament the star of your decoration party.
Eager to start? Let’s do it!

Christmas Decorations

While you may use any type of ornament, chances are that the traditional glittery ornament ball will be present at your reception hall.

You can use them to give a floral arrangement a holiday mood. Decorate your tables with red snowflake ornament place card holders or create a breathtaking centerpiece with them.

Simple and Unique Christmas Centerpiece

If you want to create an original centerpiece for your Christmas ornaments wedding, pay attention closely.

All you need to create a unique arrangement is a tall glass vase and your favorite ball-shaped ornament in different colors and sizes if possible, or with different shades of the same color.

Place them, mixing the colors and sizes, inside the vase and you are done.
Quick and easy!

The Favors

There are many options when it comes to the Christmas ornaments wedding favor.

Delicate favor boxes can b filled with your favorite sweets, Jordan almonds or candy. If you want to be even more original, place a a glass snowflake coaster as part of your table settings.

If you have the time to set up, you can even display them hanging from a Christmas tree instead of on a table.

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