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How long do you have to plan your wedding? Setting a possible date for your nuptials is also part of the basic planning. Wedding planners and consultants know that the longer they have to plan aan event, the better the prices and items will be for the couple.

choosing a wedding date

This “secret” still applies if you are planning your own celebration, and is the main reason many couples start planning 12 to 18 months before the actual nuptials.

Typically, everything may seem to start falling into place 3 months before your event's date, but sometimes an entire wedding could be planned in only 3 months.

However, having more time between the start of your planning and the actual nuptial's date could be beneficial for you. The more time you have until the day you get married, the more time you will have to shop around and get the best deals for your party.

If you are part of this planning your wedding on 6 months challenge, I would believe that you have at least those 6 months, so you are in good shape.

With this extra time on your hands, you can research products and locations with more ease. You can also do better price comparison, and maybe even take advantage of sale seasons and discounts.

Believe it or not, there are always sales, coupons and discounts that you can get for your wedding decorations, favors, jewelry, attire and more. The main problem with this, is that brides often do not know how to get these deals in time.

Not only you need to choose a date, but also a time of the day to hold your ceremony and/or reception. Depending on the day and time you choose the cost of the venue can increase or decrease substantially.

If you are on a tight budget consider every aspect. For example if you get married near a Holiday such as Christmas, it can work on to your benefit.

While getting married don the Holiday itself will prove “expensive” getting married near the date can save you money on decorations, and depending on your color palette, even on favors and invitations. So think carefully if you need to choose a date from scratch.

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