A Brown Chocolate  Wedding Theme

 A sweet an unique celebration

A brown chocolate wedding theme.
Who doesn't love chocolate? As far as I know, everyone does. So what better idea than using brown chocolate as the theme for your wedding?.

You will have almost endless options, and the color combinations that you can use will make your celebration very elegant. Getting excited? So am I!

Chocolate Wedding Favors

If you like personalization, you have endless options for your chocolate wedding theme favors.
Oreos Cookies, Hershey bars, almost anything and everything chocolate can be personalized.

And by personalized, I mean not only your names and wedding date, but you could even have your picture on some of these favors.

Another fun option is a chocolate purse favor. If you love shopping or purses, this may be the perfect one to reflect your personality.

Use your imagination and do some research—with this or any other wedding theme.
Just see what suits your budget (you have one, right?) and your taste.

The Wedding Colors

Your main color is chocolate brown. (I know, it’s kind of obvious, isn't it?)
This color offers multiple combinations when it comes to decorating your venue. Traditionally, brides love to match this color with baby blue or baby pink.

Combining it with gold is a little more original and the contrasting effect is very eye-catching.

And using gold as your complementary color creates the illusion of the whole theme of chocolate and a chocolate wrapper.

chocolate wedding theme, strawberry, chocolate fondue

Setting the Scene

You will be using your table linens and chair covers in the selected color or in white. When using white, wrap a brown sash around the chair covers to set the theme, or if you are using brown, use gold colors to accentuate.

You have several options for your centerpieces for a chocolate wedding theme, from the traditional flower arrangement to the mini chocolate fountain.

Having one mini chocolate fountain per table is a great idea, but it can become a very expensive option if you have numerous guests. If you like this idea, a more inexpensive option is to use a regular fondue serving kit.

But I have to warn you; if you go with this, you need to make sure that the chocolate fondue is at the right temperature at all times. You certainly don't want to burn your guests or have the fondue too cold.

Wonderful idea, but not too practical if is not taken care of properly. You will have to serve several types of fruit for dipping with the fondue or the fountain. Strawberries, pineapple, grapes, sliced bananas, etc. You can also use different types of nuts.

I personally like the idea of a simple arrangement with this theme. Some brown pillar candles with gold embellishments will create an elegant and delicate arrangement.

Just choose 3 sizes of candles and arrange them in a triangle base, with one per corner. For some gold embellishment, you could tie a gold wire ribbon around the candle and finish it in a bow. It is very simple, yet so delicate.

Dressing the part

You could use any type of wedding gown for a chocolate wedding theme.
If you are a daring bride and don't want the traditional white wedding dress, find one in gold.

I know it is quite a statement, but you will look gorgeous!
Whatever type of dress you wear, make sure to incorporate the theme.

You can do so by wearing brown jewelry or a brown sash. Wear a brown or gold garter.

Have your bridesmaids wear brown dresses with a gold sash or baby blue or pink if that was your option for a contrasting color.

Some other ideas

Have a chocolate mix drink bar, or have a special chocolate drink.

There are many possibilities; some of them could be chocolate martinis, chocolate shots, etc.

You could also serve your guests hot cocoa or chocolate chai tea. If your celebration is in the summer, you could serve chocolate ice cream or smoothies.

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