Chinese Wedding Traditions

The Do's and Dont's

Chinese wedding traditions date back to ancestral times.  However, only a few survived time to be incorporated into modern weddings.

You are a modern bride and want to pay homage to your culture--or your grooms—without sacrificing fashion and style.  So much to cover! Let's begin!

Before the Big Day

The bride is usually isolated to a secluded part of the house with close friends and family.
There the women will sing and lament the separation of the bride from her family.

You see, the Chinese believe that once a woman is married she is part of the groom's family and no longer part of her own.

So what are the groom and his family doing during the time that his bride is in isolation?
Well, they have the big responsibility of preparing the bridal bed. The new bed is arranged and children are invited to go on it. As in many other cultures—take the Greek rolling baby tradition for example—children are recognized as a symbol of fertility.

The children take fruits and nuts such as dates and peanuts and scatter them on the bed—another symbol of fertility. I know what you are thinking; it’s a great custom, but surely a mess to clean up!

Out of all the Chinese wedding traditions, this is one that is still very commonly followed.
Three days after the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds will visit the bride's family. This will be the first time she will be at her parents’ house considered only a guest or visitor, as opposed to part of that family.

Be picky about your wedding day!

Ever since ancient times the wedding day has been selected carefully. The event should take place on a day both families consider lucky. The best way to determine this is by consulting a lunar calendar.
Something that is also really important the time of day your wedding will take place.

You must be thinking,” Oh, that's easy to figure, for sure is at the top of the hour, right?”

Big don't!!!

Your event should take place at the half hour of the hour you choose—for example 4:30 pm and never 4:00 pm.

Do you know why? This way the hands of the clock are moving in an upward direction, and the couple can start their new life in an upswing.

The colors

Do you know that some of the Chinese wedding traditions have a lot to do with color?

Red is considered the color of luck, and it is very important that you make it present any way you can.

Also very present is the Chinese double happiness sign.

From the wedding invitations and table decorations to the cake topper, you will be sure to find plenty of places to incorporate one or both of these into your celebration.

The food

As in many other cultures, many of the foods served at the event have to do with the omen of fertility and prosperity for the new couple.
Fish is the star for this very reason in any Chinese wedding. Also served are pork and chicken, sometimes even fried rice.

The menu for the festivities consists of an amazing quantity of plates, usually a minimum of nine, and sometimes even up to 12.
The reception is quite simple and one of the main events consists of cutting the Chinese wedding cake.

They will feed each other the first piece with their arms intertwined.
After that, they will proceed to personally feed their parents and grandparents as part of this Chinese wedding tradition.

After this main event of the celebration, there will be some dancing and then the celebration will finally be complete.

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