Chinese Wedding Cake

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Chinese wedding cake

No, I am not here to discuss the traditional custom of exchanging bridal cakes as part of the proposal gifts.

I am here because I know you are a modern bride that wants a gorgeous cake that reflects or pays homage to your Chinese roots.

Two important things you can do to incorporate the theme on your cake:

* Use some red detail or a red topper

* Use a double chinese happiness sign cake topper.

chinese wedding cake, babmboo wedding cake, oriental wedding cake

Bamboo and Roses Wedding Cake

chinese wedding cake, oriental wedding cake

Tree of life Asian wedding cake

Chinese wedding cake, oriental wedding cake, bamboo orchids wedding cake

Other designs that can fit a Chinese theme can include cherry blossom flowers and/or branches in bloom, happiness signs, fortune cookies and Chinese dragons.

One of the most original wedding ideas for your cake design could be to apply the horoscope sign of the year of your celebration. A "Year of the Dragon" cake is completely different than one inspired by "Year of the dog".

Get your creativity in motion and you will come up with a beautiful design of your own!

Want to see great chinese wedding cake pictures? All of the cakes displayed here are the wonderful work of  Let Them Eat Cakes

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