Champagne Wedding Dress

Evokes unmatched elegance
For a chic and classy bride

Champagne Wedding Dress

A champagne colored dress exudes classic elegance and modern chic. If you are a bride who loves the lightness, simplicity, elegance and classy style, this color wedding dress is best for you.

This is a perfect compliment for more intense hues like red, plum or even gold. It is also best paired with pink in a summer wedding theme.

You can’t go wrong with this color wedding dress, as it complements most wedding themes. Your dress will stand out whatever color palette you use in your wedding.

Let me show you some awesome creations for this color wedding dress:

A Champagne wedding dress can be simple, yet appealing to the eye. The champagne colored satin dress is adorned with hand-sewn beads and appliqués in the pleated bodice and corset back.

The front details are so modern that when you turn your back it gives them an old English style.

If you dream of the glitz and glam of Hollywood then this gown is all yours. Imagine the cameras flashing before your eyes as you make your big entrance.

This creation is Sweetheart strapless iridescent silk chiffon rushed bodice with a dropped waist. It shows all the curves at all the right places.

The design is perfect for a modern theme, garden theme, or beach theme. These simple yet classy and, if I may say, very sexy creations will give you all the attention you need on your big day. So go on, choose the dress you like and have the best day of your life!

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