Champagne Cocktail

An American Classic

The Champagne cocktail is one of those that are classic and fit any theme.<br>

Its original recipe dates from the 19th century, but no one is quite sure as to where it was first invented.

If you decide to serve this cocktail instead of straight champagne, your wallet may benefit from it..
As you will be mixing it, you should use a relatively non expensive champagne.

Ideal for formal weddings or for those couples that want to give a little bit of a twist to the champagne toast.

What You Need

For one cocktail:

* 1 sugar cube
* 1 tsp cognac
* 2 dashes angostura bitters
* champagne

Making it

Place the sugar cube inside a champagne flute and add the angostura.

Pour in the cognac and then fill the glass with the champagne.

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