Castle Theme Wedding

A Vintage Look Modern Fairytale
Tips and Ideas to Create and Original Wedding Theme

A castle wedding is a romantic and elegant celebration. 

Dreaming of finding love in a far away land or falling for your prince are just a few of the fantasies that many women embrace as little girls. Now the time has come; you found love and you are getting married. And a castle theme wedding is what you want.

This type of theme is quite royal, but also has a unique vintage look. The location, attire, food and decorations all contribute to an original and unique theme.

The Perfect Wedding Venue

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You know what the perfect location for this theme is. A castle, of course! While nothing gets better than celebrating at the real thing, you can always recreate the castle look at any other type of venue.

Even a small and simple reception hall can be transformed to recreate the ambiance of royalty and romantic fairytales with the proper details and decorations.

If there are real castles in your area, go ahead and contact them to see if they rent space to celebrate weddings. Other options are restaurants, museums and hotels with the vintage castle look.

Castle Theme Wedding Invitation Ideas

Your wedding invites can have a vintage look that will fit perfectly with the castle theme. From story book liked fonts that reminiscence of a fairytale, to invitations with castle designs, there are tons to choose from.

Here are the best invites for your theme.

Setting the Stage

Name your tables after famous fairy tales if you are going for romance, or after famous knights and princesses. You can even name them after famous castles and their countries for a more historical approach to the castle theme wedding.

Think about medieval times and the magic and enchantment of that era when decorating. Great banquets were held at big parties in the forest so you can use that as inspiration.

Your menu can include roasted items like chicken and pork, served along with fruits and cakes. Center your attention on your arrangements giving them a very natural look.

Arrangements made with branches and crystals or candles will bring the royalty part of the theme to life. Also consider wreaths and candles as a centerpiece option. The focus should be on you and your groom spending time with your loved ones and celebrating more than anything else with this theme.

Castle Theme Wedding Dress

Think of a natural, yet glowing and amazing look for you. Wear a long wedding dress and complement your look with a tiara and veil or a flowered hair band or clip. Do not forget to carry a wonderful bouquet. Bouquets with natural flowers or cascading bouquets are recommended for this theme.

As for your bridesmaids, they can replicate your look. For their bouquets, they should get mini versions of yours, or even a single flower if you decide on the more natural look.

Or you could have them wear a fake pearl scoop neck dress like the one below to bring a little vintage look.

Fake pearls vintage dress for castle theme wedding

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