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Carnival cakes are fun and colorful. Magical and whimsical, they are truly one of a kind.

Traditional wedding cakes can easily adapt to this theme by including some types of fun toppers or decorating with your preferred colors for the occasion.

For example, you can have a red design with gold or yellow accents, or a checkered white and red design.

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Topsy-turvy cakes are taking the wedding cake world by storm! They fit the carnival theme perfectly and are in high demand. Britney Spears celebrated her birthday and Circus album release in 2008 with a gorgeous topsy-turvy circus themed cake. As a result, brides everywhere were inspired by the unique tiered cake design.

Another option is the cupcake tree. You can have different colored cupcakes or a simple but colorful design on all of them. Decorating them with mini balloon cupcake picks will add to the fantasy of the event.

And the most unconventional cake of all that has been adopted by daring, unconventional brides? Wedding pies. Yes, you read it right. Pies are making a big impact on unconventional outdoor weddings, and brides seem to be adopting this trend more and more.

Just remember—a few years back the thought of having cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake was almost unthinkable! So, are you a trendsetter? Well, maybe you want to be part of this new—and growing strong—wedding trend.

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