Caribbean Wedding Theme

A Colorful Summer Wedding
A Destination Theme with a Fun Vibe

A Caribbean wedding theme is an ideal theme for summer and/or beach weddings.

But what happens when you want to celebrate Caribbean style without actually traveling there? Long walks barefoot in the sun, star gazing at the beach at night, tropical drinks and sea breezes are just some of the thoughts that surround you when you think of this theme. And beautiful, eye-catching colors of fruits and flowers are there, too.

You will use these images as the inspiration for your planning. Just close your eyes and start picturing a fantasy Caribbean paradise for your wedding day.

Your Wedding Colors

You can choose a bright color palette for this theme. Reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens can be present. Choose one of these bright colors and work with different shades, or choose two of them and create contrast and brightness using white against them.

Use white linen on your tables then decorate them with the bright colors. If you use a floral arrangement, make sure to include some exotic flowers such as birds of paradise, amaryllis, hibiscus and/or orchids.

You could also have an original floating centerpiece by placing a hibiscus on top of a glass bowl filled with water. If you want to achieve a more romantic or evening look, use tea lights surrounding it or even floating flower-shaped candles instead of the real thing.

Your Bridal Look

This is one of those themes were you can truly wear an unconventional gown or even a colored wedding dress. A printed dress is also a great option for this theme.

While you can choose a casual beach wedding dress or a floral gown these colored wedding dresses are excellent options to spice up your bridal look.

But, as usual, your wedding look can be elevated to a completely new level through accessories and makeup.

caribbean wedding dress, floral wedding gown, Casablanca Wedding Dresses - Style 2121

Wearing a flower in your hair, or accessorizing with them, is almost a must! Have fun when creating your wedding look. Try on different eye shadows and lipsticks if you are going to be doing the makeup yourself, and see what suits you best.

Beach Wedding Details

starfish bouquet jewelry
Bouquet Jewelry

starfish cake topper
Cake Jewels

shell ring pillos
Ring Pillow

cruise ship wedding invitation
Cruise ship
DIY Invitation

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