Candle Centerpiece Ideas

An Affordable Alternative to the Floral Arrangement

Candle Centerpiece Ideas

These centerpiece ideas are not only affordable, but they also give a warm glow that makes your wedding a romantic event for you, your new husband and your guests. Now that you have crossed off most of the items on your wedding to do list, you may realize that something is missing.

Something that you cannot seem to pinpoint. Then it strikes you—you forgot to add lighting. There are several reasons why you have not thought about it. Either you overlooked it because it’s not normally part of the plan, or you have run over budget and you decided to set it aside.

Candle centerpiece ideas fit perfectly well for any reason or theme, and they can serve as a beautiful way of decorating the centerpieces at your reception tables.

Here are some tips on how to use candles and different holders to adorn and light your wedding tables.  You can also  use old bottles of wine and transform them in stylish candelabras. You will save a lot of money using candle centerpieces, and your guests will be in awe of the creative placement of candles on their tables.

Elegance Abounds Centerpiece Black

Elegance Abounds Centerpiece Black

The Black Elegance Abounds Centerpiece will light up any party or event in style with it's five taper candles and one pillar candle. Each of the black candelabras is made of metal and measures 18 inches high. Use the Black Elegance Abounds Centerpiece to decorate any elegant party table. Think outside the box and use this great candelabra to accent your Halloween party decorations.Candles not included.

Going for a black and white theme (I so love this color combination--it’s timeless!) or  a black and red theme</a> for your wedding? On the other hand, maybe you want to include black in your wedding to contrast or complement your color palette.

This Black Elegance Abounds Centerpiece  will light up your wedding reception with its five taper candles and one pillar candle.
Made of metal and painted black, it is ideal for a vintage theme wedding.
Candelabra candle holders bring us way, way back, as families used them even before electricity had been invented. Use candelabras on your wedding tables to create a classic and elegant look.

It is also very simple to create your centerpiece with a candelabra. They go well with any flowers, and a simple and low-height flower arrangement will not detract from the beauty of your candelabra.

If you don’t have good lighting for your reception, you can add tea light candles in small clear holders for an extra glow. This simple, yet stunning candle centerpiece ideas will keep your guests glued to their seats for a long time!


6" Tall Glass Pillar Candle Holder

This Small Pillar Candle Holder holds one wax pillar candle and makes a great looking centerpiece when decorated with flowers. Each Pillar Candle Holder is made of glass and stands approximately 6 inches high with a 2.8 inch diameter candle base.

This candle holder will best fit your whimsical wedding theme. It gives a low and warm light, but with a cute design that your guests cannot help but fall in love with.

Decorate your tables with some twigs in a vase, painted with your theme color, and clip on some wacky photos of you and your groom.  This way, guests can see how you have blossomed as sweethearts. For other candle centerpiece ideas with this item, You can also string a DIY beaded garland around your twigs. For your place cards, cut paper in quirky designs.

Leave a cute pencil at the table so guests can write their sentiments for the bride and groom, and then clip them onto the beaded garland.

Metal Palm Tree Candle Holder

Metal Palm Tree Candle Holder

Add a warm glow to your table with the Palm Tree Votive Holder! Add the 13 3/4 inch high Palm Tree Votive Holder to your luau party decorations. The metal Palm Tree Votive Holder features a palm leaf wrapped votive cup anchored from the top of a palm tree and the acutal candle holder measures 3 inches high x 3 inches in diameter. Candle not included.

It is perfect for a sunset wedding! Featuring a decorative mesh panel door that opens, it allows you to insert a votive candle, which is ideal for a beach theme wedding.
Here are more candle centerpiece ideas:

This decorative candle holder will not only serve as your centerpiece, but also as an aisle pathway décor. It can light up your path as you walk down the aisle, while sunset provides a dim glow for you and your guests. What a scene! A good photo opportunity, actually. If you want to have a garden wedding theme, you can place them beside stone paths.
Let your guests bring the old memories back with this candle holder as your centerpiece. Just sprinkle petals around it based on your bouquet flowers to impress your guests with its beauty and old world ambiance.

This centerpiece can also serve a double purpose; it can be given to your bridesmaids after the wedding as a token of your appreciation.

It is always fun to know that you can make something wonderful out of cheap alternatives. You don’t have to spend much for your centerpieces if you are on a budget; just let your own creativity shine, and ask for some help from your bridesmaids.

I’m sure they will be happy to contribute for your wedding day, and it also gives you time to bond with them.

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