Can the groom see your wedding shoes?

I don't want to show my FH my wedding dress but I am dying to show him my wedding shoes. Is this in anyway bad luck?

And my answer...

Dear bride;

It is not bad luck at all for your future husband to see your wedding shoes. As with the wedding dress, this is an item that you can show your groom with total confidence, as long as you are not wearing them with your wedding outfit.

As a matter of fact, and just for learning fun, there’s no tradition that truly dictates he can not see the wedding dress either, as long as you are not wearing it.
Do you know that snowball effect that gossip has? When someone says something and then another person retells the story adding their own perspective and in the end the story is completely different from the actual fact?

Something like that happens with wedding traditions… Check out my answer at Can the groom see the wedding dress? to see what I mean.

Come back and show us your shoes as well ( after your hubby sees them of course!).
They must be pretty rocking shoes if you are dying to show him!

Let me know how it goes and write again if you need more help.

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