Can the groom see the wedding dress not worn before the wedding?

by Steve
(Doners Grove Il)

Can the groom see the wedding dress not worn before the wedding?

And my answer...

I am so happy that you asked this, so we can finally put some misconceptions to rest!

Many traditions include the wedding gown, and while their origins are diverse all of them point to one consequence: Bad luck on your wedding day or marriage.

So , all of these traditions have a lot to do with superstition and many times date from ancient times.

With this being said, let's say that your question has a very simple an honest answer.

Yes, a groom is allowed to see the wedding gown before the wedding day as long as the bride is not wearing it.

There are no traditions, or superstitions that indicate the contrary.

The tradition dictates that the groom can't see his bride the day of the wedding, prior to the ceremony.

This dates from ancient times when the bride was secluded for rituals and preparations for the big day.

Therefore, the groom couldn't see his bride or the dress. The dress was usually not completely sown until the very day of the wedding, due that another tradition indicates that the bride shouldn't wear her outfit until that day.

So this translated in: if the dress was not completely sown, the bride couldn't wear, the groom couldn't see her, therefore, the groom couldn't see the dress either.

Not seeing the dress before the wedding was just caused by the chain reaction of others superstitions acting together.

But let's be honest here, this question has also a lot to do with the fast paced times we live in.

Many couples live together long time before they get married and if that is the case, it is almost impossible for the groom not to see the dress.

However some brides do not allow the groom to see it because they like to see their groom's expression when they see her in the gown for the first time.

So really there's no tradition holding you from seeing the dress before the wedding as long as the bride is not wearing it.

But you may want to ask your bride how she feels about it too.

If she feels that is best for the groom not to see it, you should honor that request.

Nothing will make your future wife happier than knowing that you respect her feelings on this subject.

Let me know how it goes and write again if you need more help.

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Sep 02, 2014
It shall be as thou believe
by: Anonymous

Hello Brides
16 Years ago I designed and stitched my wedding dress.I discussed the design with him,took him with to buy the embroidered pieces.I remember very well how he cautioned me:"Please,not too much...the simpler the better"and me,the
'Flamboyand' one actually agreed.

Today,we have Three children,still do our shopping together and decide together on almost everything...

Oh and the dress was on display in his apartment bedroom for a few days before the wedding(He had more space)

NB:"It shall be as thou believe"

Sep 02, 2014
Fate is in your hands
by: Jenny

Whilst old folk law and superstitions are lovely, let's face facts...... as long as you love each other honestly and truly, respect each other always, care for and consider each other every day and ALWAYS stay true and faithful, you will have the most perfect setting for your married lives together... not doing the above is what causes bad luck in a marriage, not whether you have/have not seen the dress. If we are relying on tradition and old sayings then the above old time virtues and vows surely must also play a part :)

Jun 12, 2010
My dilemma
by: Anonymous

As my bride to be was showing me photos she had taken earlier today at a graduation, she accidentally went one click too far and showed me a picture of her wearing the dress.

Honestly, I didn't want to see it to preserve the surprise factor at the ceremony next Saturday. Anyway, I think we are both upset (probably more disappointed really) and don't know what this means, if anything.

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