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The calla is a flower that most people immediately associates with weddings. They naturally possess a sturdy stem, and are quite striking when used alone or with some greenery such as bear grass.

Making your own boutonniere is not difficult when using this flower. Watch the video tutorial and learn how to make your own if you are a DIY bride. This is a fun project to score.

Some basics to remember:

  • You will need florist wire (the higher the number, the thinner the wire)
  • Have your wire cutter ready along with sharp clippers and the pins for the buttonhole flower
  • Have your florist tape in the desired color

dark green floral tape

Here you can see different designs and combinations to get you inspired to make the perfect boutonniere for your color palette.

Image via Flickr

A white and purple calla lily accessory in enhance with some lavender fillers for classy look.

Image via Flickr

A dramatic looking boutonniere is made with a pink calla and black feathers. This boutonniere looks sophisticated, fun, Parisian and a little vintage as well. A real simple beauty.

Image via Flickr

Calla lilies come in many colors, here you can see a gorgeous coral shade adorned with some fillers and white tape.

Image via Flickr

This time a coral color lily is adorned with some berries to complete a fall season theme design.

Image via Flickr

Calla lily boutonnieres get a modern and art deco look when is assembled along black decorative wire in loops/circle shapes. Elegant and classy.

Image via Flickr

A peacock feather also offers the perfect match for a lily, giving this button flower design a modern and royal look.

You can really get creative when making your own boutonniere. Think about mixing different flowers, fillers and extra elements such as feathers, butterfly picks, pearls picks and others to make your own creation one of a kind.

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