A Butterfly Wedding Theme

A Romantic Summer Wedding Celebration

A butterfly wedding theme brings color and summer to your celebration.

Embracing the theme is easy, and small details make a summer fantasy come to life. You can choose either a single color or a multi-colored palette if you make butterflies the main theme for your celebration.

The choice is yours, and this theme provides the timeless beauty that your wedding celebration deserves.

The venue

You can decorate almost any venue with this beauty.
Many brides decide to host the celebration at an outdoor venue that is full of greenery, especially if the wedding occurs in the summer.

However, this theme is just as beautiful when held indoors or even accentuating a beach wedding.
Mixing large and small butterflies throughout your reception hall will create a beautifully classy environment.

Your bridal look

You are the bride and you know that all eyes will be on you.
You are radiant, glowing with love, and you want to make sure to include some butterfly detailing into your look to go with the theme.

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There are many ways to do this, so here are some ideas:

* Wear a butterfly rhinestone tiara. A beautiful up do is glamorized with a beautiful tiara design.

* Wear a butterfly garter. You can always buy this or make one yourself. To make it, use hot glue or sew a butterfly charm to your garter. It is super easy to do, and a great detail that will add to your look.

Some brides also opt to wear butterfly-inspired jewelry, or to have a small butterfly embroidered on their dress.

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