Butterfly Wedding Ideas

Get carried away by the wings of Love

I only natural that you want butterfly wedding ideas as this whimsical creature was made to be wedding material. Butterflies are magical and beautiful; they represent love and a free spirit.

But enough talking, let's get to the details so we can get this party started!

Getting ready for the big day

So where do we start planning?
Out of all the butterfly wedding ideas, your first approach to the theme should be the wedding invitation!

Use a butterfly wedding invitation to let your guests know about the theme of your big day.

Setting the scene

One of the most important steps when having a butterfly wedding theme is to decide on the colors of your celebration.
These magical creatures come in many shapes and colors, so it is up to you to decide which color palette you want to work with.
Just keep in mind that the butterfly presence at your celebration is what sets the theme.

You can have an easy palette of two colors, maybe white and red, or white and gold, red and gold, etc.
Alternatively, you can use multiple colors; they look wonderful at an outdoor wedding.

Some butterfly wedding ideas:

* Have your flower girl wear some butterfly wings

* Add some fake butterflies to your wedding bouquet.

* Wear a butterfly garter—you can buy this or create one by adding a  butterfly charm with hot glue to your garter set.

* Use butterfly confetti on your tables.

* Add a butterfly to the bow of your chair cover sash.

* Use personalized cocktail napkins with a butterfly design.

* If you have an outdoor wedding, add butterflies to Chinese lanterns, or hang paper butterfly mobiles.

* If you are into arts and crafts, check out this page for some great butterfly wedding ideas.

* If weather permits, you can release some live butterflies.

A Butterfly Wedding Centerpiece

butterfly wedding centerpiece
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Most brides that decide to have a butterfly wedding theme like to have a simple centerpiece.
Go ahead and have a flower arrangement, but add some paper or vellum butterflies to it.

If you want something a little bit more original, just create a butterfly centerpiece by placing fake butterflies in picks.
Insert them in a vase or stick them into a foam base.

If your reception is at night, you could use butterfly-shaped floating candles inside a water-filled glass bowl.
Just use your imagination and include the butterfly in any centerpiece you like.

Your Wedding Cake

The traditional tiered cake has never looked as beautiful as it does with a butterfly wedding theme.
Have a butterfly design done all over it, or use fake or sugar butterflies in the different tiers. You can even glam it up and create the illusion of butterflies fluttering on top of your cake by using a butterfly set

Another great butterfly wedding idea that brides are very happily going with is the cupcake tree.

So if you decide to go with cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake, play with the frosting colors to go with the theme, and decorate them with butterflies.

For your Guests

The favors designed for this theme are as lovely as the theme itself.
These are only some of the options:

 butterfly wedding favors
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These butterfly wedding ideas should inspire you to plan your celebration. Now see more themed wedding ideas

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