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Butterfly wedding cakes are one of the hottest bridal trends.  Quite often, brides decide to have a butterfly wedding theme and the cake, of course, has to go with the theme.

And who doesn't love butterflies? There's something magical about them—they almost look like nature's real fairies. The free spirit, innocence and sweetness are always present when you think of this marvelous creature.

A butterfly design is ideal for any summer or outdoor wedding, as well as a beach wedding. These creations have the butterfly present and are a great companion to flowers, which make them wedding heaven!
Look at these beauties and be inspired by the pretty creations of Let Them Eat Cakes.

A simple design

butterfly wedding cakes, pink and white cake, white butterfly cake

Let's begin with a simple design. As you can see white and pink were the colors of this cake.

This creation wins you over with the little details.
Different colors were used on different tiers—just gorgeous!

A Little Vintage

butterfly wedding cakes, summer wedding cake, butterfly wedding cake picture

If you are a bride that likes nature and maybe a bit of vintage style, this is the cake for you.

This antique look is created by the ivory color and fondant pearl detail at the base of each tier.
Butterflies are used as part of the topper, along with pretty yellow flowers

Multicolor butterflies!

butterfly wedding cakes, summer wedding cake, butterfly wedding cake picture

But what if you love color? This butterfly wedding cake has it all!
Purple, pink and white are mixed, matched, and scattered throughout the tiers to make this a very eye-catching creation.

A modern design

butterfly wedding cakes, summer wedding cake, butterfly wedding cake picture, modern weddding cake

I know what you are thinking...all these butterfly cake designs are beautiful, but I think they are somehow not very modern.
Well, don't worry; if you want to include the modern element in your cake design, be inspired by this beauty.

The scrollwork and use of green and white make this one a summer wedding favorite.
It is elegant, modern and sure to wow your guests

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