Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly cupcakes are a perfect match for brides that decide to have a butterfly wedding theme and do not want the traditional wedding cake.

Cupcakes are easy to serve, and sometimes do double duty as the wedding favors, as well. Some brides face the dilemma of wanting to cut a wedding cake, but also want cupcake towers.

And here comes the mini cake.
Mini cakes are the perfect companion to the cupcake tower.
They adapt to any theme and allow you to have that cake cutting moment perfect for wedding pictures.
Here you can see how different colors can be used to adapt to your preference and theme.

The expert hands of Yummy Piece of Cake are responsible for these lovely sets.

Sweet Pinks

butterfly cupcakes, wedding cupcakes

These cupcakes have a subtle butterfly design. Flowers and bright colors are very prominent, making these ideal for summer or garden weddings.

Just take a look and see how the whole design is changed just by using another color.

Vibrant Orange

butterfly cupcakes, wedding cupcakes

If you like orange and yellow, this creation is for you.

Another thing to consider with cupcakes is their presentation.

Placing them on different tiers makes them look like a tiered cake, and if you have them scattered on a table you will create an opulent effect

purple butterfly cupcakes, wedding cupcakes

Here you see how you can mix the butterfly with other designs to create a fun cupcake.

The use of fondant snails and flowers make these both playful and colorful.

The Perfect Companion

butterfly mini cake, wedding mini cake

Take a look at this mini cake. It is the perfect match for the butterfly cupcakes.

You can place it on a pedestal to give it some height and have your cupcakes surround it for a better display.

More Theme Wedding Ideas

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