Bucks Fizz

 1920s Favorite Cocktail

The Bucks fizz  is a champagne cocktail invented in London in the 20s. While remaining dormant for many years this cocktail had a strong come back in the 80s.

If you are having a 1920s vintage theme, or an 80s theme wedding, serving this champagne drink is a fun way to personalize your day. This cocktail can also be served in a New York  wedding theme,as champagne cocktails are really the thing for new yorkers.

It is truly an easy recipe.
Let's take a look

The Ingredients

For one cocktail:

* two thirds of champagne
* 1 third of orange juice

Making It

Place the orange juice in a  champagne flute and fill it with the champagne.

You can also add a dash of grenadine if you want to deepen the color of your cocktail.

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