A Brown Theme Wedding

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Brown Theme Wedding

An elegant celebration with a color that it is easy to coordinate with others or used alone, this color is chosen by brides for many different reasons.

Some couples love it because it implies some sort of formal affair, others because they love chocolate, and some others because is an earthy tone that translates into a peaceful atmosphere.

In addition, it is a favorite for autumn weddings; when the leaves start falling and there is a unique color palette of brown tones offered by nature.

We could keep counting the reasons why, but the reality is you may have your own reasons to choose this color as the star of your wedding day.

Your Wedding Hall

When you are looking for a wedding venue, some themes require some additional thought. In this case, you could host your celebration indoors or outdoors, but if you decide to celebrate indoors, choosing a venue with wooden walls can bring the theme to a completely different level.

When you come across a venue that complements your theme and colors, half of the work is already done for you.

Preparing your venue

brown theme wedding, brown chair shash, table setting

A brown theme wedding doesn't require much preparation when it comes to decorations. When setting up the tables, simplicity is the key to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

White table linen and a brown chair sash set the stage perfectly. Take some inspiration from this picture. As you can see, there is not even a centerpiece presented here, and the setting is superb.

The wedding cake is always a focal point, and this theme is no exception. As you can imagine, chocolate wedding cakes are favorites for this theme, so you can display it in a prominent place in your venue, taking everyone's breath away.

brown theme wedding, brown cake cutting, chocolate wedding cake

Your Bridal Look

As you can imagine, the color can also be incorporated in your attire. Take, for example, this gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids.

brown theme wedding, brown bridesmaid dress, country wedding

While they are joking around in the waiting area of the wedding hall—notice the classy wooden wall decor—we can see the colors that were chosen for the attire. The bride has a soft, pastel beige gown, and the bridesmaids complement her look by wearing dark brown dresses.
Another way to incorporate the theme into your attire? Wear an elegant wedding gown with a brown sash.

But wait...Your groom and groomsmen can also fit the theme by incorporating the color into their attire. This simple, elegant look created by uniformity is timeless!

brown theme wedding, brown attire groomsmen

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