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Also known as buttonhole flower and dating from the 16th century, traditionally this wedding item was worn to guard off the groom from bad luck. Closely associated to the wedding bouquet, this item is also worn at proms and other events.

While flowers used to be the main component nowadays you will find hundreds of variations of the boutonniere in non traditional materials.

how to make a boutonniere
How to Make
a Boutonniere

pine cone boutonnieres
Pine Cone

peacock feather boutonnieres
Peacock Feather

calla lily boutonnieres
Calla Lily

Burlap and lace are often seen in these accessories at vintage weddings, seashells form part of them at beach wedding themes, and even themed charms can be incorporated to give your grooms accessory a very special look. A quick example is the one of anchor charms for nautical weddings or angel charms for a heavenly or celestial theme.

Here you will find hundreds of pictures of classic floral boutonnieres, creative and unique creations to fit within your wedding theme and others who will serve as inspiration with original items as part of them.

On the luxury side you will see crystal or jeweled creations, which I think match perfectly with the trendy brooch or jewel bouquets, and even some doll, feather and/or cartoon inspired accessories.

If you have the time and necessary materials, these are one of the wedding items that you can diy brides embrace. You can easily learn how to make your own, and see different techniques on how to wire, and prepare different type of flowers.

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