Black and White Wedding

Black and White Wedding

Many brides dream about planning an elegant and timeless event while also giving their wedding that wow factor that every guest will remember.

One of the key ingredients to wedding planning success has to do with choosing the right venue.  A reception hall that also has great outdoors or spaces that can turn into that picture perfect spot are essentials that many couples overlook.

wedding couple on bench

This couple is a great example of those who do it right. Their venue was full of spots that allow great photography. Take for example this lovely shot of them in a hanging bench.

Simple and romantic this picture creates a memory that they will certainly never forget.

Carnation Boutonniere

Let's talk about the details. Here you see the groom's boutonniere.

The timeless white carnation boutonniere with baby breath clippings is being pinned to the black lapel. A small detail that adds elegance to the groom's look for this very special day.

bridal shoes

The bride enhanced her wedding gown with these sparkly platforms. This is a great idea to bring a unique and modern look to your wedding attire. Accessorizing with unexpected elements brings your signature to your look.

And especial displays of these elements, like the photo above were the shoes are captured on top of a wooden vintage bench add uniqueness to your day.

white wedding bouquet

A pure white wedding bouquet complements the bride's sparkly gown detailing and goes perfectly well with the couple's color palette.

cupcake wedding cake

This is one of my favorite wedding ideas to bring the modern into traditions. A cupcake wedding cake.

This black and withe design includes mini black fondant flowers on top of white fondant. Also pay attention to the cupcake wrappers. Some of them are solid black and others include a black and white polka dot design.

They are displayed in a well lit spot that will turn a focal point at the venue. You can see also a white tall floral arrangement in the back that enhances the overall appearance of the table.

Cupcake wedding cakes are a great option for those crafty brides that are on a budget. With the right time and preparation they can save you big bucks.

But they are also a top option for those couples who look for something unique. When they are custom made you can find them in delicious and sumptious flavors like strawberry champagne, tiramisu, and others.

So it doesn't matter if you are a DIY bride or one with a large wedding budget, this is an idea that can adapt to any theme and/or wallet.

Couple kissing

An incredible evening finishes with the most romantic sign of all. The newly weds embracing in sweet kiss with breathtaking background witnessing their union.

Photos courtesy of Babilonia Photography

We would love to hear which were your favorite details and ideas from this real black and white wedding in the comments below.

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