Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil is ideal for a timeless elegant bride like yourself. You’ve decided that you want the edge and vintage glamour that a birdcage veil can provide.

learn how to make your birdcage wedding veil

This type of veil  consist of a short fluff of tulle or netting that is artfully arranged across a bride’s face.  It is a beautiful alternative to the traditional long veil style.

You have many options available for you to choose…from simple styles to feathered tulle fantasies.

Materials and Styles

Many birdcage veils are created with French netting (considered the finest quality netting), Russian netting (which possesses a coarser texture than French) and illusion tulle. The most popular netting materials feature a wide diamond shape pattern.

Making your own Birdcage Veil

Making your own bird cage veil can be a rewarding decision, particularly if you favor a designer look that is beyond your price point.  The base work for the veil is quite simple and should take little time to complete.

  • 1 yard of Veil tulle or netting
  • 2 hair combs
  • thread in a matching color and needle
  • embellishments that you would like to add to your veil, such as feathers, fake pearls etc.

  • First step:  will be to measure the netting against your face.  Play with the positioning and the width and decide how long and wide you would like your veil to be. 

    Second step will be to carefully gather and bunch the netting up in one corner.

    handmade birdcage veil

    Third step will be to take one of the combs and fold your gathered material over the comb.  Secure the netting to the comb via the needle and thread.  Repeat on the other side.

    birdcage veil

    Fourth step will be to measure the veil across your face again.  Secure the combs to your hair and make sure that the birdcage veil is sitting across your face the way you would like for it to.  Adjust as you see fit.

    bridcage veil tutorial

    Fifth step will be to add any rhinestones, feathers, broaches, etc that you might want to add.  Remember to make sure everything is securely attached. 

    Handmade bird cage veils became popular during war time in the mid 20th century.  They were a tasteful and understated alternative to fuller veils.  These veils were born of austerity during frugal times of war when materials were not so easy to gain access to.

    As weddings became more elaborate towards the late 20th century, the birdcage veil saw a rebirth and was used as a modern twist on the traditional bridal veil.  In 2002, Reese Witherspoon was seen sporting one of these fashion forward veils in the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”, which further fueled the birdcage veil fever.  


    Today they are a favorite accessory among brides who are searching for a glamorous vibe for their wedding day ensemble.   They can lend a vintage elegance or a flirtatious fun to the bride’s look, depending on the style she chooses.  And they are available everywhere from arts and crafts stores (ie; Michaels), big name bridal salons and retailers on the internet.  They can range in price for as little as $15 to as high as $300, depending on the piece.  

    These elegant and fashion forward veils can be worn to the side of the head, halfway across the face, just over the eyes or completely veiling the face. They can range in their width, depending on how the bride would like to wear her veil.  9” netting is popular for a partially veiled look.  12” and 18” are sizes that work best for a fully veiled face.  These veils can be as simple as a scrap of netting stretched across the face.  They can also sport elaborate broach details, flashy feathers, rhinestones, etc. 

    It’s ok if you purchase the perfect birdcage veil or make one yourself that is perfectly pretty!  Make sure you are flattering your face and choosing a piece that compliments your wedding day style.

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