Beach Wedding Theme

Romance at sunset scenario for your celebration

Beach Wedding Theme

How many times have you walked hand in hand with your groom feeling the seaside breeze?

Or maybe you stare at sunsets together, feeling the sand between your toes. There's nothing more romantic than celebrating your union and recreating these scenes.

A beach themed celebration is enjoyable for everyone. Whether you are having a formal or informal celebration, here are some ideas to make your event unique.

Choosing your color palette

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Which colors should you use?
I like the combination of white and blue with a little bit of orange to create some contrast. And these colors go perfectly well, no matter if your celebration is actually at the beach or in a venue where you are trying to recreate the beach scene.

If you are having a formal celebration, skip the orange and create the contrast with touches of gold instead.

You can check Tiffany Wedding Theme or  gold wedding theme if you are having your celebration at the beach for a more formal and sophisticated look.

Decorating your wedding venue

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If you have an aisle runner on your ceremony, you could have it spray painted with gold sea shells designs to set the mood. Place white chair covers and tablecloths and tie a blue ribbon around them to match the theme.

Have seashell charms placed in your glasses or seashell swizzle sticks on your drinks. If you decide to have a floral arrangement as your centerpiece, you have many possibilities.

If you have an aisle runner at your ceremony, you could have it spray-painted with gold seashells to set the mood. Use white chair covers and tablecloths, and tie a blue ribbon around them to match the theme.

Have seashell charms placed on your glasses or seashell swizzle sticks in your drinks. If you decide to have a floral arrangement as your centerpiece, you have many possibilities.

A nice idea is to go with a big tropical flower such as Birds of Paradise, which has a vibrant orange color, surrounded by smaller white flowers.

Another idea could be having a seashell arrangement instead of a flower arrangement. You can buy this or create your own by placing seashells inside a glass bowl. One of my favorites consists of having a tray of seashell shaped cookies as your centerpiece. If your celebration is informal, this is a fun and creative centerpiece.

You could also use a seashell-decorated tray, and place any type of cookies there.

How to dress for a beach theme wedding

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There's no specific dress style for a beach wedding theme, just add some kind of seashell detail to your attire to match the theme, or have a seashell or starfish hair accessory to complement your look.

Consider walking the aisle barefoot to go with the beach wedding theme, and wear a seashell garter set. You can create your own by adding a seashell with hot glue to your garter.

You could also use a seashell ring pillow or seashell basket for your flower girl.

I think the best dresses for this theme are slim-fitted to the body, long or short length. You want to look comfortable and at ease, so you need to be aware of your environment.

If the celebration is at the beach itself, picture yourself walking in that dress, and see if it is going to be easy for you, or if it will actually be a stunt that will be hard to pull off.

The wedding favors

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You'll find many types of favors for a beach wedding theme.
Candles, beach wedding soaps, wine stoppers, mini beach chairs, starfish favors, seashell bookmarks;  you name it, the options are endless.

You could also fill in personalized bags, tins or boxes with blue and white Jordan almonds.

But if you want to give something original, and have the time to dedicate for assembly, here is an idea. Place blue or gold paint in a bowl, and place starfish or sand dollars upside down in the paint to customize them. Add a ribbon and a personalized tag with your names and wedding date.

Consider the time this will take you, and be careful when carrying them, because these items are very fragile. You might also want to make extras, just to be safe.

Your guests will love the originality and creativity, and will appreciate your favor even more, knowing that you put in the time and effort to give them something from your heart.

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