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Beach Theme Wedding

The sun, the ocean, the seagulls, the feeling of the sand between your toes...Walking on an island, collecting seashells, swimming with dolphins…

You need ideas and tips for your beach-inspired celebration, and we are here to help.

At the beach

Beach wedding ideas. See hundreds of tips, inspiration and pictures to inspire you to plan your own beach theme wedding

How many times have you walked hand in hand with your groom feeling the seaside breeze?

Or maybe you stare at sunsets together, feeling the sand between your toes. There's nothing more romantic than celebrating your union and recreating these scenes. A beach themed celebration is enjoyable for everyone. Whether you are having a formal or informal celebration, here are some ideas to make your event unique.

White and Blue Beach Inspired Wedding

Find hundreds of beach theme wedidng ideas and inspiration. Decorations, invitaitons, centerpieces and fun pictures to get you inspired

Having long stretches of sand as an aisle, the blue sky above and the turquoise ocean below as a quiet witness, is what many couples want for their special day.

So without further ado, wear your shades and we will give you sunny ideas for your D-day!

Nautical Wedding Theme

See nautical and beach theme wedding ideas gto plan your own celebration. Get 100 deas delivered to your inbox for FREE!

As the preppy fun loving chic bride you are, you have chosen a nautical theme for your event.

So picture this: Partying in a sailboat, a lighthouse on the horizon, a flock of seagulls flying by. Just a fun and relaxing day for you to share with your loved ones.

Anchors, sailboats, seagulls, light houses, the beach, flags,  piers and more items are present in your vision. See how to plan a nautical theme wedding here.

Beach Theme Printable Invitations

Printable tropical palms wedding invitations

Walking on a sandy beach embracing the ocean breeze and the roaming sound of the waves are ideal images of a destination wedding. Tropical palm trees are also part of the landscape, and they are the inspiration for this printable invitation kit set. You can choose the turquoise or the purple kit to match your color palette.

An Indoor Beach Inspired Wedding Theme

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A sea theme event is one of the most popular choices among  brides. When you were a child, you were very happy when your parents told you to “ prepare your things and we’ll have a whole day under the sun”. And today, you are preparing yourself to one of the happiest moment of your life, your wedding.

Learn how to plan an indoor beach themed wedding here.

Tropical Theme Wedding Reception

BEautiful tropical wedding reception themes. IDeas to plan your own beach theme wedding. Pictures and inspiration delivered to you daily

Tropical wedding reception themes can be as unique as brides to be dreaming of the great theme for a beach or destination wedding. But the themes are so tempting and fun that you can have your tropical wedding right at your backyard or any outdoor reception hall.

See how to plan this celebration with gorgeous simple decorations here.

Beach Theme Wedding  Cakes

See tons of beach themed wedding cakes. Plan your own wedding with hundreds of ideas delivered straight to your inbox

A beach theme wedding cake is as enchanting as the theme that you choose for your celebration.
Whether your beach theme celebration is romantic or fun, your cake needs to capture the moment. Always a focal point in any event, the cake mirrors the theme of the day.

See all the cake designs here.

Printable Wedding Invitation Kit

See tons of beach themed wedding cakes. Plan your own wedding with hundreds of ideas delivered straight to your inbox

This wedding invitation kit has a romantic design that embraces the love and summertime of a Hawaiian wedding theme. Beautiful orange and brown butterflies fly over a garland of exotic hibiscus over an ivory colored background.

Ideal for any summer, tropical, luau, beach or Hawaiian wedding theme you won't find this design anywhere else. The templates kit fits your wedding needs. You will be able to save hundreds by using the Hawaiian wedding invitation templates.

A Tropical Wedding Theme

See how to plan a unique beach theme wedding with elegnat tropical touches. Thousends of ideas and inspiration delivered to your inbox.

Tropical wedding theme is the best choice for an outdoor loving couple. If you love the cool breeze of the sea, the earthly smell of the flowers, or simply love the fun and carefree outdoor life, then destination-wedding theme will bring out the best in you and your husband to be.
There are several ways to have a tropical wedding theme ...

Hawaiian Theme

Hawaiian theme wedding, Ton of ideas to plan your own celebration

The ideal location for a Hawaiian wedding would be outdoors, mild weather, or in view of the ocean. With a little inventiveness, you can transform even a frosty climate of winter into a tropical getaway with the use of these unique and creative Hawaiian wedding theme ideas.

make your own beach wedding island theme wedding luaua theme weddingseashell wedding

So many thoughts come to mind when thinking of the beach and the ocean.
Let's face it; going to the beach can be truly fun and relaxing, and when you are with that special someone, it can be very romantic.

And bringing that feeling and vibe to your wedding is what you are going to do.

But, first things first. In this case, you need to decide if you are going to have your wedding at the beach itself, or if you just want a beach theme wedding. Celebrating at the real thing is wonderful, but without proper planning, can be difficult to pull off.

But maybe you don't live anywhere near the beach, or don't want to deal with the hassles of climate and nature—you never know what may happen with the weather—but you still want to have a beach wedding theme.

Whatever the situation might be, here you'll find a couple of wedding themes and unique ideas that you can implement no matter if your celebration is indoors or outdoors.

Here are lots more beach theme wedding ideas.

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