Beach wedding decorations

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Beach Wedding Decorations

Beach inspired decor can be found in many sizes and styles. There are hundreds of ways to decorate for this celebration, and a lot of it may have to do with your venue or theme.

The thought of the beach brings the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, tropical heat and sand between your toes...
And after that… well, every bride has their own vision of what they want for their day.

Choosing Your Decorations

Your decorations will be determined by personal style, theme and venue.
As you can imagine, there are no magic formulas when choosing; all you have to do is decide what goes with your theme and reception hall.

For example, if you are having your wedding at the beach itself, the use of props or theme decorations will not be such a good idea because setting them up outdoors will truly be a headache.
But if you are having your wedding indoors, beach side or not, they will help you bring the theme to life.

The same applies to your centerpieces. Having a candle arrangement outdoors on a breezy summer night can prove challenging; you may be better off with a timeless flower arrangement.

So use these small details to create your big picture before setting your heart on beach wedding decorations that will cause you more trouble than pleasure.

The Timeless Decorations

Some decorations are simply timeless.

A great flower arrangement, a candle centerpiece, shells and sandcastles are popular items when it comes to beach wedding decorations.

If you decide to go this route, you are sure to have an eternal centerpiece. This type of classic piece will define your wedding, even when you look back at your pictures 20 years after your special day.

Making Theme Unique

You can really give any of these items a modern look that will define you. For example:
* Colors
If you will use exactly the same item, let’s say a candle arrangement, does it look the same to you in brown or purple? Is it still the same if it’s coral? Colors can have a big impact on your decorations; the brighter or bolder the color, the bolder the statement you will be making. *Shape and size
If you are using a flower arrangement, you will see that the way your flowers are displayed will make an impression on not only your guests, but also your theme. An arrangement with small and big flowers in a vase will not look the same as those very same flowers if they are displayed in a topiary plant. *Add Elements
Yes, you can add a little of the beach elements into your decorations.

Take, for example, a sea breeze pillar candle.
It is a pillar candle that has been decorated with shells and sand.

You can achieve the same effect with your candles, or by adding shells to your bouquet or arrangements.

It all comes down to finding those beach wedding decorations that you love, that best define you and what you have envisioned for your day.

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