Beach theme wedding

A fun summer wedding

Beach Theme Wedding

A beach theme event is a fun way to celebrate your summer wedding. While there are many beach themes to choose from, all of them have the beauty of nature as the backdrop for your celebration.

I know you can’t deny it; there’s nothing like walking barefoot, feeling the sand between your toes, hand in hand with your hubby.
Let’s take an original and fun approach to the beach wedding theme, shall we?

A beach theme wedding venue

Ideally, you will be having your reception at the beach or a location nearby.

Hotels with private beaches are the top choice for many couples, but you can also check with restaurants or venues beachside, which may be a more economic option.

If you are in a town away from the beach, you will need to put forth a little more effort with the small details to bring the theme to life.

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Colors and Look

For this theme, you are going to work with multiple colors, making your venue look like a vacation paradise.
Choose white linen and set your tables with napkins in different colors.

Alternatively, you can use white napkins and give them a carefree touch with unique napkin rings.

Instead of the traditional rings, you can simply tie ribbons in different colors in each napkin for a multicolored look.

What says laid back and vacation better than flip-flops, buckets and Adirondack chairs? Use them as part of your table set up to give your beach theme wedding a fun look.

For example, you can use mini bucket frame place card holders that will also serve as favors.
You can also use floating flip flops candles, just as a detail on top of your napkins or include theme in a fun centerpiece.

beach theme wedding table, flip flop floating candles

Use a flat glass bowl; fill the bottom with sand, seashells or colored pebbles.

Fill up to ¾ of the bowl with water and place the floating candles on top. You will have a simple and adorable, yet unique centerpiece.

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