Beach Theme Wedding Decorations

A guide to a nature-loving and laid back wedding!

Beach theme wedding decorations are simple, fun and exciting. When having this type of theme, just a few decorations can go a long way.

Most couples that are having a beach wedding don’t spend much on their decorations, as the beach itself provides you with an abundance of beauty. All you really need for a beach wedding, in its simplest form, is your presence!

There are plenty of beach theme wedding decorations, and the list below will give you an idea of how to create your own seaside wonderland, while still focusing on the beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

beach theme wedding decorations

Create simple centerpieces that are also eye catching. Place a number of seashells in a tall, clear crystal vase. Position it on top of a round mirror.

A tea candle in a turquoise-colored glass holder will create an oceanic scene on each table, and the candle gives off a romantic light when sunset comes. A single pink flower in a small vase will give sweet splash of color.

beach theme wedding decorations

A book about beaches can serve as a unique wedding favor. If your wedding budget is tight, you can make your own book of beaches and print it from the comfort of your home. Include beaches that you have both visited, and write something sweet about them.

Place the book at your guests’ tables with their names tagged in it. This DIY project is great because you will be giving them a personalized wedding favor that they will keep for years to come.

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Whale coasters are a really cute and fun way to make each guest feel like they are at the ocean. You can also use a tall glass with seashells as your place cards. Guests’ names can be printed on a card and glued to a tall stick.

beach theme wedding decorations
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A beach wedding cannot be complete without paper lanterns hanging above you while you and your guests dance the night away. The light colors of the paper lanterns are simple, and pleasing to the eye.

To create a refreshing feeling at your reception, similar to how you feel when you look at the wideness of the ocean and the waves splashing on the shores, cover your tables with white linen, clear crystal plates, and the vibrant colors of flowers filling your centerpieces.

There are many fresh flowers you can choose from, so use one that is really colorful. A votive candle creates a romantic feeling with your simple table decor. Place cards can also be done in a cute postcard style, showing your guests your love for traveling.

What more can you ask for? Our Mother Nature gives you the best scene for your wedding, and adding little ocean-inspired decorations will definitely create the seaside wedding of your dreams!

Beach theme wedding decorations are very simple. Go on, call your friends and bridesmaids now, and let the beach decor hunt begin!

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These beach theme wedding decorations are simple even for a DIY bride. Now see more Creative Theme Wedding Ideas