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Beach inspired table top centerpieces will help you create a unique look for your celebration.

Whether you are a nature lover, a modern bride, or a fun one, there’s surely an ideal centerpiece for you within these unique options.

Choosing from the natural elements like sand and seashells, or finding the perfect ready made item and personalizing it will help you have the perfect arrangement for your theme.

Let’s take a look at some unique arrangements and ideas that you can include at your beach themed event.

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Sandcastle Inspired Table Decorations

If you think of beach themed event, you think of sun, ocean and sand.
If you think of a beach wedding, you think of sun, ocean and sand. If you are going for an original, yet “touch of fairytale” hint, the use of a sandcastle centerpiece is perfect for your tables.
sandcastle centerpiece, beach theme centerpiece
15" Sandcastle Centerpiece

While a sand castle centerpiece does well on its own, some brides decide to decorate them to fit their color palette and theme.
Adorning them with fake birds, flowers, ribbons, shells, candles, and even painting some sections of the centerpiece can give them a whole new look. Some couples even make this the central theme for their beach celebrations, and base all of their décor around the sand castle idea.

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Living Fish

Another idea is to have a centerpiece with living fish in it. You can make these beach theme wedding centerpieces yourself.

All you need is a tall, large vase where you will place the fish. Take into account that while it is a stunning option, some extra time will be needed for the setup.

Other elements to include in the vase are small pieces of sea glass or colored stones at the base for extra color, and maybe even some flowers.

If you do include flowers, the stems will have to be cut short, so they do not interfere with the view of the fish.

Into The Sunset

If your celebration takes place in the evening, you may want to add some extra lights on the arrangements themselves. For an adventurous and vintage look, make an arrangement using a Nautical Metal Lamp as the main item.
Nautical Metal Lamp Each
Don’t worry; it’s really easy, and very unique. Place the lamp at the center of your table. You can even place it on a plate full of sand to go even further with the theme. Another option is to fill in a clear vase with some shells and gel vase fillers.
Now surround it with shells or starfish, and you are done!

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