Elegant Beach Theme Centerpieces

Classy and fun arrangements
for your beach wedding

Beach Theme Centerpieces

Elegant beach inspired arrangements will set a romantic and classy atmosphere for your beach theme wedding.

A way to decorate any type of wedding, that is always elegant and simple, is to use candle arrangements.

Mixing some typical beach elements with candles will create a beautiful and timeless centerpiece.

Soft Blues

beach theme centerpieces, aqua spring centerpiece

Including soft colors in your decorations will brighten up any type of venue. If your wedding is not at the beach, you can still create the beach environment with little hints of this color.

Using an Aqua Spring Centerpiece  will bring the ocean vibe to your reception hall.

As you can see, all that you need are pillar candles, blue glass pebbles and a flat, glass bowl.
Very simple and delicate, this centerpiece is also ideal for a Tiffany wedding theme.

Candles always bring the elegance and romanticism that any wedding needs. They are easy to carry and set up, not to mention that your centerpieces will glow, and they are ideal for any time of day.

Tiki lights and Sand

What about bringing a luau feeling to your celebration? These table top tiki lights can help you do that.

You can also use pillar candles and place them on top of a mirror tray to create a classy centerpiece. Surround them with sand or seashells and you will have created a beautiful arrangement in no time.

Another way to create a chic candle centerpiece is by surrounding them with tropical flowers. You can even use a flower wreath or Hawaiian lei to achieve this tropical look.

Remember that placing other elements at the base of your candle arrangement to fit in with your colors and theme can turn your centerpiece into a very unique one.


beach theme centerpieces, tropical theme centerpiece

Here you see another interesting way to set up your tables.
This centerpiece is inspired by a fairytale with a tropical flavor. Using seashells, candles and a flat glass bowl fits the beach theme.

You can also make it informal by placing sandcastle-shaped mini candles on top of each plate to create a wonderful and unique table setting.

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