Beach Flower Wedding

Romantic Paradise

Beach Flower Wedding

Beach weddings are favorites among both summertime and outdoor themes. The idea of having a beach theme wedding based on a flower is sometimes overlooked by many brides. But a simple approach can lead you to have a classy beach wedding and is a very elegant and romantic way to celebrate your nuptials.

Planning your own beach wedding is fun!
Let’s take a look at some tips and ideas that will help you create a romantic summer paradise.

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A Beach Theme Wedding Palette

The beach brings the colors of nature right to your wedding palette, so when choosing your colors, all you need to do is enhance them.
With such breathtaking scenery, the work is more than half-done for you.

Use white to bring the romanticism and purity of the day to life.
Having a pure white palette is a very elegant way to decorate your beach theme wedding.

You will create an elegant environment without much effort that will also translate into timeless wedding pictures.

beach flower wedding

Just picture it: The beach as the backdrop of your celebration, with white linen and decorations embracing the power of nature.
Maybe you want to add some extra color, which is fine, but choose carefully and pair only one color with white.

Some popular options are:

* Orange

* Pinks

* Lavender

* Yellow

* Red

* Blue

Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Remember that you want to decorate with your flowers to create and enhance the natural look that the beach provides.
Brides have thousands of options when it comes to setting their hearts on flowers.

Keep in mind that you will make your decorations based on the color and flower. Choosing your color first will narrow your flower options as well.

beach flower wedding ceremony

For the white beach wedding look, some popular flowers are roses, gardenias and lilies.

If you decide on an extra color, your options will broaden, and the extra color will make your arrangements and decorations pop on your table settings.

Beach Flower Wedding Set Up

If you will be walking down the aisle on a deck, or the beach itself, you may want to set up some chairs for your guests to sit on.

They will also define your aisle, but keep the decorations simple.
Just white linen on them will do.

beach flower wedding, white chair decorations
Reception Photos courtesy ofPicture That Photography

Decorate your tables with a floral arrangement, and include the flower of your choice in your bouquet and/or wedding cake.

A beautiful way to make your cake the center of attention is by displaying it in a gorgeous gazebo.
You can also have a cupcake wedding cake instead of the traditional one.

beach flower wedding, lily mini cake
Photo courtesy of Yummy Piece of Cake

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