Baseball Theme Wedding
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 An Elegant Sports Inspired Celebration

Baseball Theme Wedding

This theme wedding is a fun and unique celebration. If you and your hubby are a big sports fan, these baseball wedding ideas will be your planning home run!

Maybe you fell in love with a fever pitch, and want to recreate that moment for your wedding day. Whatever the reason might be, you have chosen an original and fun theme to celebrate your union.

Planning for the Big Day

Make your wedding invitations look like a baseball game ticket, and base your wedding programs on the same idea, making them look like a baseball event program.

You can really set this theme off with the details. Instead of the classic ring pillow, why don’t you have your ring bearer carry the rings in a baseball mitt instead?

Your groom could wear baseball-inspired cuff links to fit the theme as well.

How about handing your guests some baseball bats that they can raise, forming an arch that you can walk under when exiting your ceremony?

These are just some ideas to make the wedding fun, but you can have an elegant ceremony and leave the baseball details purely for your reception decorations.

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Get your Venue Game Ready

Some couples decide to use their favorite team colors as their wedding colors, so the wedding colors are up to you. A neutral palette that will fit any baseball theme wedding would be white, brown, green and a little red to contrast these main colors.

Decorate your tables with a fun centerpiece. A simple arrangement can be created by placing mini baseballs in a glass container, and placing some flowers on top.

If you are celebrating in a more relaxed environment, or outdoors, you can even have balloon decorations as your centerpiece.

Name your tables after famous players or teams. Use place cards with a baseball shape or design.

Your Baseball Theme Wedding Ideas Menu

You can really have fun with this theme, including the food that you will serve. If you want to have a laid-back celebration, go for the typical baseball game menu served at the event.

Hot dogs, nachos, hamburgers and fries will be the stars, and you can even have pitchers with lemonade at each table.

Set up a candy table or buffet. There are two ways to go about this:
Set up the sweet tables with your colors, so you will place different types of cookies, jellybeans, candy pieces, lollipops, etc., on the table.

The other option is to make the table look like a concession stand. In this case, you will have different types of candy, along with popcorn, and it does not have to be related to your theme colors at all.

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Your wedding cake can be baseball-inspired as well, or you can use a cupcake tower with cupcakes decorated like baseballs. Use your creativity and have a unique event!

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