At my daughters beach wedding on a sunday afternoon ,What to wear

by Peg

My daughter is getting married on the beach in St Augustine Florida...She will be wearing a long white but simple dress and no shoes. What should I wear?

I am 63 years old and rather old fashioned and want something simple also.


What a wonderful time in you life, with your little girl getting married soon. Congratulations!

You can definitely wear something simple preferably something within your daughters color palette.

Here are a couple of options (the pictures are clickable if you need to get to the products):

A flowy skirt with a delicate textured top and a beautiful sash can bring the simple yet sophisticated look you want.

This is another option with also a flowy skirt, which will let you move freely and feel fresh all day, with a detailed top that matches the jacket.

Really you have to think about being classy and comfortable. You can always put your personal style your attire through you hair and make up and accessories.

Also remember your sunscreen, St Augustine beaches are beautiful but really hot!

I hope you have lots of fun at your daughter's wedding, we would love to hear about the celebration and your journey as a mother of the bride.

Congratulations once again!

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