Art Deco Wedding Invitations

Art Deco Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invite sets the tone for the celebration to come. Art Deco wedding invitations come in hundreds of styles that will fit almost any theme.

Presented in Paris in the 20’s for the first time, the Art deco style relies on sharp mathematical figures, and the architecture that soon followed is distinctive in this approach.

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Art Deco
Filigree Invites

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While there are tons of black and white invites with the art deco feeling, you will also find them in other colors, such as coral, green, earth tones and lavender true to the spirit of the 20’s when the style was born.

Other colors such as pink, red and yellow can also fit the palette, but you need to remember to use shades with a cold tone to it. The cold element is what makes the color scheme fit the era and style.

Nowadays, the art deco invites are used by modern brides looking for a classy and sharp look.

They are ideal for:

* 1920s Theme Weddings
* Vintage Wedding Themes
* Paris Theme Wedding
* New York Themes
* Black and White Themes
* Hollywood Glamour Theme
* Elegant Weddings

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Art Deco Wedding Invitations are elegant. Now see hundreds of other theme wedding ideas