An Arabian Theme Wedding

Arabian Theme Wedding

A sensual  exotic theme for your wedding

Do you want a sensual, exotic theme for your wedding? Get ready for a unique theme for an evening full of enchantment.

If this is what you love, wouldn't it be perfect as your wedding theme?
Let's set the mood and have a unique celebration.

Arabian Wedding Decorations

This theme wedding is at its best if celebrated during the evening. It is also preferable that you hold this celebration indoors to create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Send your guest a potpourri invitation in a bottle. This will be the first impression your guests have of what's to come. The use of potpourri will transport them to a magical, enchanted place.

Have your ring bearer and flower girl walk down the aisle in an Arabian prince and princess costume.

A big tent is the ideal place—I know, not exactly "indoors" by definition, but take into account that you will be inside the tent the whole time!
You will be working with reds or blues and purples, with white and gold to accentuate the other colors.

Get the warm and cozy atmosphere by using candles at your tables. You could have incense as well to create the Arabian theme.
Have a corner of your venue decorated with big colorful pillows where your guests can relax.

Magic Lamp Centerpiece Each Have a magic lamp centerpiece (This one has a tea light inside, so you kill two birds with one stone.)

Use lots of drapery if possible, and sprinkle your tables with gold confetti.
Hire a belly dancer to entertain your guests to complete your feast!

And speaking of feast...

Serve lots of finger food. It will be fun to serve Arabian food, but if not, lots of finger food will do.

Keep it simple. Unless your guests are truly adventurous, chances are they will not like the food if you make it too theme related.

Therefore, your best bet is to serve finger food, but keep it simple—nothing fancy!

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