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Apple Theme Wedding

An apple inspired event is a unique and original way to celebrate your love.

While you may love the fruit, the colors, the season they are harvested in or the fairy tales that include them as part of the story, you are sure to bring to life a unique event.

And the best part is that even if you are in a tight budget, you will be able to create a dreamy environment with some details.
Let's start bringing the theme to life.

Setting up

The beauty of an apple theme wedding is that you can use the natural element wisely and create a unique look. With that being said, you need to incorporate it where you can and your tables are the perfect place to do so.

Choose white, pastel brown or red linen and if you are using chair covers, use them in one of this contrasting colors. So let's say that you are using white linen, your chair sashes could be brown or red ( you get the picture).

Place on top of each plate an apple with your guests name, so they can act as place cards. Another way to incorporate them in your table setting is to use them as part of your centerpiece.

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For a simple arrangement just place them labeled with the same technique described above on top of a mirrored tray or a high display tray.

If you love sweets, you could have a cupcake tower decorated with sugar apples acting as your centerpiece.

Other Ways to Personalize

Other ways to incorporate the theme include to serve a signature cocktail. Of course you will have to have something that includes this sinful fruit as one of the ingredients. Appletinis, hot apple ciders and apple Manhattans are some of them to consider.

Or for a unique sweet idea, you could have instead of a sweet table, a candy apple bar. With different toppings for your candy apple like sprinkles, almonds, brown sugar and others.

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You can wear some apple inspired jewelry or an apple scent perfume. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan have fragrances with this sweet treat as their main component.

As for your wedding gown, a simple apple embroidery or a red sash could make you fit the theme.

Get creative and have fun with this unique theme.

Do you have other tips and ideas to make an apple inspired event unique? Leave us your comments below and share with your friends.

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