Angels Theme Wedding

Love Sent from Heaven

Angels Theme Wedding

A sweet wedding theme sent from heaven.

It doesn't matter if you actually believe in angels or not.
These figures, and what they represent, make them a perfect choice for your wedding theme.

Heavenly colors...

For your angels theme wedding, you will be working primarily with whites and soft blues.
If you want to add some sparkle to your celebration, you could also use gold or silver.

Some brides also like to add a little soft pink in the details, such as flowers or small decorations, so you have plenty of items from which to choose.

Just do not overdo it with the pink, because you are trying to create a smooth, ethereal ambiance, and as pretty as pink is, it can become an overpowering color within the palette you will be working with for this theme.

angels theme wedding, angel wedding cake topper
You can opt for a more traditional approach on your cake by finishing it with a kneeling couple with a guardian angel blessing them.

Dressing the part

There is not a specific type of dress for an angels theme wedding, but one of your best options is to wear a Grecian style dress or one with an ample flowy skirt.

Wear an angel garter. You can create one by adding an angel charm  with hot glue to your garter. If you don't have a hot glue gun or find it too complicated to do, you can sew the charm on instead.

A little something for your guests

So what type of favor will your guests receive?
Options are almost endless for an angels theme wedding, but here are some options:

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angel wedding favor

  • Personalized coffee or coco with the angel theme
  • Angel Crystal Wedding Favor
  • Angel Candles
  • Cherubs bookmarks
  • Angel key chains
  • Cherubs photo frame

As you can see, the list is never ending. With some thought and planning, you can find the favor within your theme that represents you best.

Setting the scene...

This is a unique way to open your ceremony, and it will set the tone for the angels theme wedding right away.

If you like, you could even have them sprinkle feathers or glitter,instead of flower petals.
At the venue, set the scene by welcoming your guests with soft classical music.

Decorate the venue with angel wings and a big drapery (white or ivory).
If you want to add an extra touch, you could use some Greek columns as decorations.

Another idea is to have a big angel ice sculpture or an angel fountain as part of your decorations.
You can also hang around the reception area a porcelain angel ornament. This will surely leave your guests in awe!These items will not only set the mood and spirit of an angel theme wedding, but they also make perfect scenery for pictures.

As your centerpiece, you could use angel figurines or wing-shaped candle holders.

If you decide you would rather have a floral arrangement, make sure your flowers are white or ivory.

Another idea for a simple centerpiece is the use of pillar candles. You can decorate them by setting them on a base of feathers, or placing wings on the candles. Mini wings or feathers can be found at any arts and crafts store.

Make sure to use the angel theme everywhere you can on your tables.
You will find wedding cake cutting sets, glasses, napkin rings, place card holders, etc., with the angel theme. Just look around and see what suits you best.

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